Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight directly into electricity.

The system consists of:

A grid-tied solar electric system can generate power on-site to supply a home or business that is connected to the utility grid and offset the usage from the utility company. Grid-tied systems are the most common types of solar systems.

An off-grid solar system with a battery back-up can supply power to a remote home or area that would otherwise not have access to electricity.

With the new technology of the micro inverter you can start with just one solar panel and add more as you wish. Even one panel energizes your home or business fuse panel and it uses the energy of the solar array before your meter turns.

Grid tied solar systems generate energy from the sun and feed that electricity into your home, selling any excess back into the grid to offset your power bills. Grid tied solar systems are the easiest renewable energy system to install, own and maintain. They have no moving parts, no regular service requirements and make no noise. The SGT-160 and SGT-170 comes with everything you need to start generating your own energy; panel, mounting system, and grid tie power inverter.

Everything with the system is plug and play, leaving lots of room for easy expansion. All you need is a 240 VAC power line run through a disconnect, then to the location where the panels are to be installed, and everything after that simply plugs in.

The SGT-160 and SGT-170 solar kits are fully California(CSI), Arizona, and New York rebate approved. For rebate programs for the US click here. For rebate Programs in Canada click here. There will be more state and provincial qualifications added for the SGT-160 in the near future.

Kit Specifications
Length 64"
Width 32"
Depth 2.5"


Maximum Power Output 175 Watts
Maximum DC Voltage 54 VDC
AC Voltage 240 VAC
AC Frequency 60 Hz
Peak Inverter Efficiency 95%
Compliance UL 1741/IEEE1547  FCC Part 15 Class B
Approval cUL

15 Years

Solar Modules
Maximum Power Output 160/170 Watts
Nominal Voltage 24 VDC
Approval CUL
Warranty on Solar Module

25 Years

Panel Mount
Material Aluminum
Hardware Self Sealing Anchors
Type Flush Roof Mount
Expandable Design Up to 16 Modules

10 Years