Solar panels

Why go solar? The answer is up to you:

Savings Every Month. A solar electric system powers your home so you use considerably less electricity from the public utility.

Hedge Against Rate Hikes. Offset energy prices and unpredictable rate hikes by generating your own free power for decades.

Protect The Environment. Most electricity is generated by burning coal that emits pollutants into the atmosphere. Solar electricity comes from a clean and renewable sourceóthe sun.

Reliable Power. As a world leader in solar manufacturing, Sharp solar modules generate power for decades and are backed with a limited 25-year warranty on power output.

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Installation Expertise. Our nationwide network of independent certified installers ensures that there's a solar expert close to you, ready to come to your home to determine your energy needs with a free consultation.

Increased Property Value. Solar is a smart upgrade that makes your home more desirable and valuable.

If these benefits make sense to you, itís time to make the switch. It's your time to BECOME POWERFUL.

For government incentives, visit www.dsireusa.org.

Solar panels on a houseGrid tied systems do not use batteries! The panels work by producing DCpower during sunlight hours and converting it to AC power through an inverter. The inverter then feeds the load required by the home, before pushing the remaining AC power through a "net meter" out to the grid. Net meters are provided by your utility company when you install the system.

The net meter is a bi-directional electric meter that spins forward as usual when you are using more power in your home than you are producing with your panels (at night, for instance), and spins BACKWARD when you are producing more electricity than you are using in your home. This is how you generate credits with your utility!