We at Select Solar & Generator are committed to our customers and believe that it's important to keep your new generator in optimal working condition so we offer you semi annual maintenance service agreement to keep your warranty valid and to keep your new generator system working for years to come. Generators consist of many components similar to those found in a car, such as, an engine and a complex electrical system that needs to be maintained semi annually or every 100 hours of usage whichever comes first, this to ensure proper working order of your generator system.

Your new generator system has a manufacturer’s minimum 1 full service maintenance per year to maintain warranty and optimum performance. In order to guarantee that all of your systems components are in optimal condition before your warranty expires, you should have the unit maintained and inspected semi annually by a professional. Select Solar & Generator offers one, two, or three year service agreements that include the following list of services and procedures:

Service professionals will inspect, replace or adjust when needed or inspect and advise replacement where necessary.